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Alix Lasers ® stands for innovative laser and light systems, their software.

Alix Sahpir ® sets new standards in the industry by using improved technology and environmentally conscious manufacturing techniques to achieve more performance.

Such innovations are often very important to be more environmentally friendly.

Such initiatives can not only increase efficiency, but also reduce environmental impact and promote more sustainable business models.

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More power, energy saving and automatic

Intelligent suggestions for the best parameters based on a large database of clinical and customer data.

quality and safety to Alix Saphir ® Cryo Plus

After the fat tissue of the area to be treated is immersed in the cooling probe, the cooling probe emits 360-degree cooling energy that acts on the fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue. Cryocool’s uniform and powerful cooling energy triggers a natural cell death process called “apoptosis,” after which the apoptotic fat cells are eliminated by the body’s natural metabolic process.

Cryocool Targeted fat cells are permanently removed from the body, resulting in significant fat loss in the treatment area.

Alix Saphir ® Plus best handpiece

Alix Sahpir ® Plus

the new environmentally conscious handpieces of the Cryo Plus machine, can now fight any area of the body appropriately against your fat formation.